15 Minutes medium

Serves: 1-2


70ml of Quality Vodka or Gin
Rinse of Sweet Red Vermouth*
1912 Stilton Stuffed Olive

*a rinse is where you put a splash of vermouth in the glass, rinse it around and throw it away


We teamed up with drinks enthusiast Aidy Smith to create a spin on the traditional vodka martini but instead of a basic olive, we’re sprucing things up, and stuffing it with 1912 Artisan Stilton for a creamy kick of saline love. Blue Cheese fans!

Why does it work?

The creaminess of a good quality vodka or aromatic botanicals from the gin work perfectly with the creamy savoury notes of the stilton stuffed olive. Your lemon peel garnish and aroma will bring out a vibrant zesty note which elevates the sensory elements of the experience.


  1. Rinse your martini glass with vermouth and rub the essential oils from your lemon peel garnish around the rim and stem of the glass.
  2. Fill a mixing glass ¾ of the way with ice and pour your vodka or gin in.
  3. Stir gently for around 40-60 seconds until you reach an ice-cold temperature.
  4. Garnish with your 1912 blue cheese stuffed olive.
  5. To Garnish, use a larger pitted olive is ideal for stuffing. Simply kneed the cheese a little with a bread knife and smooth it in.

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