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Our Artisan Stilton®

blue stilton dairy farmers on a field with their cows.

1912 Artisan Stilton

Our Stilton® Story

There’s a rich story behind every bite of our artisan Stilton®, perfected by over 100 years expertise of our master cheesemakers since our formation as a farmer owned cooperative in 1912. To this day we have over 30 member farms, all situated less than 30 miles from the dairy.

Our farmers care strongly about quality, which means they uphold the highest animal welfare and land standards, not only are they all Red Tractor assured, but also adhere to our own additional Care 365 programme – after all, excellent artisan Stilton® starts with great quality milk.

They also care about the surrounding ecosystems and community projects and are committed to multiple sustainability initiatives to reduce their impact on the planet, such as tree-planting and hedgerow management to promote wildlife biodiversity and carbon reduction projects.

Our milk is freshly delivered blue stilton dairy cows in a field

Fresh Milk Collected Daily

The fresh milk that goes into our creamy artisan Stilton® is collected daily, before beginning the expertly crafted cheesemaking process.

Graded for quality Grading 1912 Stilton

Graded For Exceptional Quality

Our artisan Stilton® is carefully monitored and matured over a number of weeks, where we hand-select and grade the quality of the cheese three times, to ensure exceptional quality and taste experience in every piece.

A Stilton® like no other 1912 Artisan Stilton

Layers of Rich Flavour

With years of expertise, a quality hand-selection process and of course, a little bit of mystery – we have developed an artisan Stilton® with layers of rich flavour, just for you. Every piece of Stilton® is unique, which makes it even more special.

award winning blue stilton

We’ve entered our top-quality artisan Stilton® into several awards over recent months in the lead up to our launch and we've been proud to receive a number of gold trophies – a real testament to the hard work that’s gone into perfecting our finest Stilton®.

blue stilton dairy cows on a path
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stilton designated origin UK protected certificate


Stilton® has Protected Designation of Origin status.

This means Stilton® can only be produced in and with milk from Leicestershire, Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire, and therefore is 100% British.

There are only a handful of dairies still accredited to make Stilton® cheese, and our 1912 Artisan Stilton® is made in the heart of the Leicestershire countryside, near Melton Mowbray.


Where can I buy 1912 Stilton®?

So you want to get your hands on our deliciously creamy, tangy artisan Stilton®? We don’t blame you! You can find 1912 Stilton® in larger Tesco stores or at, selected Morrisons stores and now on too!

1912 artisan stilton

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